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Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW)
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1. Introduction

Catalogue Service for the Web is an OGC standard defined for publishing (geospatial) metadata information in a standardized way. EODC provides such a catalog and this guide will show some basic requests that fetch metadata.

Catalogue services support the ability to publish and search collections of descriptive information (metadata) for data, services, and related information objects. Metadata in catalogues represent resource characteristics that can be queried and presented for evaluation and further processing by both humans and software. Catalogue services are required to support the discovery and binding to registered information resources within an information community.

2. Standard CSW requests

2.1 GetCapabilities

The mandatory GetCapabilities operation allows CSW clients to retrieve service metadata from a server. The service metadata contains all relevant information about the CSW service.

2.1.1 Sample GET request

The following request fetches service metadata from the catalog.

2.2 GetRecordById

GetRecordById request retrieves the default representation of catalog records using their identifier.

2.2.1 Sample GET requests

ISO GMD Schema. Fetches a record with given ID in the ISO compliant schema.

2.3 GetRecords

GetRecords retrieves multiple records using an OGC filter.

2.3.1 Sample GET requests

The following request gets all records of type series, meaning all current products. = 'series'&outputSchema=

The following request returns all records captured with the instrument MSI = 'MSI'&outputSchema=

The following request returns all records from the acube metadatabase from the product TCI. = 'BOKU_TCI_S2'&outputSchema=

2.3.2 Sample POST requests

The following request fetches all datasets from product s2a_prd_msil1c that have a cloud coverage less than 20%


The following request retrieves all datasets in the given bounding box.


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