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How do I add an SSH Key to OpenStack?
Last Updated 4 years ago

1. Introduction

This guide shows how to add SSH keys to OpenStack. SSH access with passwords is turned off by default in all VM's EODC provides. Therefore it is important to import an SSH public key.

2. Import an existing Key Pair

Under Compute open Key Pairs and click the Import Public Key button.


The Import Public Key Pop-up window will appear. You can now either paste in your Public key or upload it with the Browse button.


3. Create a Key Pair through Open Stack

In the case that you do not have an SSH key pair yet, Open Stack can create one for you.
Open Compute, Key Pairs. There you will see the CreateKey Pair button.


Choose a name and click Create Key Pair. Open Stack will generate an SSH key for you and you can download it. It is important to properly manage private SSH keys in the same way as other sensitive credentials (e.g. passwords) because someone might be able to impersonate you.

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