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How can I change the flavour/Reizing of an instance/VM?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes it is necessary to resize a Virtual Machine/Instance.

This can be done with the "Resize Instance" function in the OpenStack dashboard.

Please note, as this procedure will restart your VM, EODC staff will ask you to perform it yourself. This is to ensure that any unsaved data can be handled appropriately, running applications shutdown gracefully, etc.

If you require assistance, please get in touch.

  1. Login to the OpenStack dashboard and go to "Instances"
  2. Open the dropdown menu under "Actions" next to the instance you want to resize, and click "Resize Instance":


  3. In the Pop-up window, choose the "New Flavour" and click "Resize":

    If you can't find the flavour you require, please send a request to add the new flavour to

  4. The resize is now in preparation, please wait until you are asked to confirm the resizing. This process might take ~10 seconds.


  5. Confirm the resizing by clicking "Confirm Resize/Migrate":


  6. After another ~10 seconds, the new flavour will be in place.

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