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How to access the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC)?
Last Updated 4 years ago

1. Introduction

This guide shows the most important steps to connect to the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC).
For further information please visit the official documentation of the VSC.

2. Request Access to the VSC from EODC

Before access to the VSC is possible please send a request to for further information. All EODC customers are eligible for access.

3. Access your Virtual Machine

In order to access the VSC you have to first access your virtual machine at EODC.
Info: Access to the VSC directly from your personal computer is not possible.
Read the following guides on how to access your EODC virtual machine:
How to access a Virtual Machine with SSH
How to access a Virtual Machine via Remote Desktop

4. Connecting to the VSC

  • From within your virtual machine use following commands to connect to the VSC.
  • Replace "USERNAME" with the username provided by EODC.

4.1. VSC-3


# or login to dedicated server :


5. Further information

For further information e.g Two Factor Authentication please visit the VSC official documentation here.

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