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How do I create a new VM?
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1. Introduction

This guide shows how to create a new Instance in OpenStack. Be sure to create or import SSH keys first.

2. Creation

In your OpenStack project, Open Instances under the Compute tab.


Click on button Launch Instance.


You will be greeted with the Launch Instance popup. Fields marked with * are mandatory.


Under Source you can choose the an image with the arrow on the right side and also the size of your root drive.


The Flavor tab is for allocation of resources. Click the arrow again key to choose one.


In the Key Pair tab add your SSH keys to the newly created Instance.


To add an SSH Key use the Arrows again.
If you need help to import an SSH key see How to create SSH keys?

When you're satisfied with your settings click the blue 

Launch Instance

The status will change to Available

From there you may start using your virtual machine

Or if this is your first VM, you will need to assign a Public or "Floating IP" address to remotely access your VM.
These IPs can be freely assigned to any of your VMs and provide a gateway into your Openstack network.


Click as shown above.


Associate your IP address with your VM.

Remote access to VM is now possible with the default username for your chosen image.
i.e CentOS images - Username: centos
For Ubuntu images - Username: ubuntu

You will have been provided with a DNS entry tied to this IP address.
This can be used to simplify the login procedure.

For example to access an ubuntu VM with the Floating IP assigned:


As always, for any further assistance please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

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